What is “emonumi”?

Emonumi means creating energy thru movementnutrition, and mindfulness. Almost everyone wants energy; energy to sustain personal relationships, energy to build a career or family, energy to find life’s fulfillments. Emonumi seeks to reenergize the power of the human connection and strengthen the family bond by recognizing the body as a system of interrelated parts working in unison to move, work, and play. Emonumi acknowledges nutrition’s role in true health, function, and disease prevention. Emonumi cultivates mindfulness, the ability to refocus our attention on that which matters most.  This unification of movement, nutrition, and mindfulness generates the type of energy capable of sustaining long-term growth and happiness.  All done in the spirit of play, purpose, and partnership.

Mission Statement

“With a life guided by compassion, understanding, and love, let my heart exude hope. Hope that a disciplined mind can master most days, as perseverance and patience tackle the rest. A man willing to overcome pain and inspire others to do the same. May my soul seek the good in all beings and reaffirm its connection to a universal existence. Grateful for moments where my services enhance the well being of others. The creator of my reality, I proactively choose to fill my roles both professionally and personally with responsibility, passion, and vision.” David E. Anthony